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Contract Relief Driver:


During our quiet season, we may also be able to offer relief driver services. Bernie has over 12 years experience with driving a variety of truck units, which include truck and trailer, B-train and 50tonne HPMV units.

Palletised Product


Palletised products are items that can be stacked on a pallet and then shrinkwrapped to hold them secure. Products can include, but not limited to: fruit, packaging and fertiliser.

General Freight


With our versatile curtain side truck and trailer we are able to transport most general goods with ease. 



We specialise in transporting Kiwifruit and Avocados within the Bay of Plenty area.

At Dellabarca Haulage, our curtain side truck and trailer unit allows us the ability to provide road transport services for general goods, produce and palletised product within the Bay of Plenty Region. We also have the ability to move freight nationwide through our contacts in the road transport industry.
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